Best new festival in Ellensburg, WA

Music that's not entirely traditional, but deeply rooted

Head for the Hills

Head for the Hills band members

 Head for the Hills--Adam Kinghorn, Joe Lessard, Matt Loewen--come out swinging and invigorated with fresh sounds on their latest EP, Say Your Mind.  The material reflects both the turbulent social rhythms of our current era and more timeless moments of joy, growth, and change. 

 Head for the Hills is deeper and richer in their 15th year as a band, with a wider palette of sonic textures at their disposal.

Fort Defiance



From Nashville, Fort Defiance is an Americana duo hailed for their honest songwriting, timeless harmonies and high energy stage performance. Jordan Eastman and Laurel Lane have been touring relentlessly and their passion has garnered heavy attention from across the country, and critics call them "utterly captivating and breathtakingly seductive".

Killdeer String Band


Killdeer String Band is an instrumental band known for their refreshing blend of European folk styles interspersed with sonic references to NW indie, classic metal and American bluegrass. 

 Violinist Jenny Humphreys roots in traditional Celtic fiddling contribute soaring melodies and dynamic swells, and guitarist Josh Humphrey provides backing harmonies and melodic counterpoint steeped in middle eastern and Indian tradition. The rhythm section, brothers Jacob and Justin Gibbens on percussion and bass, drives the group with their 20+ years of combined experience.

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Young Feller


Seth Garrido, Brandon Brooks and Jeff Dermond reunite in Ellensburg with an old-timey comfortable jam that only long-time cohorts can bring.  Previously of Open Country Joy, their experience entertaining bluegrass fans will shine light on the earthy, juicy, folky vibe that is WindFall's celebration of the season. 

"Bringing the tree back to Country, one classic hit at a time." 

"It's log-rhythmic!"

The teams that bring it together: KEEN and Chinook

   We know Chinook Entertainment will provide quality music rooted in Americana and Bluegrass. We also know their love of our environment makes them a perfect partner for KEEN!  Their team is passionate about music and nature and it is their goal, like ours, to bring those two things together. We both want to give festival goers the best, most memorable experience, and in turn, nurture appreciation for the special nature of central Washington and the Pacific Northwest.  

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